Invoice & Pay

Cycle time on adhoc invoice processing can dramatically alter vendor relationships.

Ad Hoc Workflow

Provade Workflow

Two of the 4 hard cost savings company’s receive from using a Services Procurement Platform relate to invoicing/payments. Solid payment procedures, including knowing whom to pay when and for what, plus the ability to easily take advantage of early payment discounts when offered, are an integral part of the Provade platform.

Payment Processing

Provade doesn’t just help you manage the invoicing process, it actually handles payment delivery to your vendors. Use our APIs to integrate payment data into your accounting system.

Invoice Submittal, Approval & Disputes

Tying vendor invoices to completed work, getting all required approvals from the project manager and tracking vendor performance against budgets goes from nearly impossible to standard operating procedure with Provade.


Email is not designed to be an alerting system nor a even a workflow system for anything really. One of the key advantages of a Services Procurement Platform is its ability to create workflows, including alerts for relevant parties inside a particular workflow, to keep items moving. And vendor payments is one of the most critical areas for alerts to ensure that nothing is held up.