“Unplanned process improvement is wishful thinking” Watts Humphrey


Why do outsourced projects sometimes run over budget? Two significant reasons are un-enforced rate sheets and unapproved expenditures. Now add new work orders, submittals, unscheduled tasks to that list and ongoing management, across multiple projects and dozens to hundreds to thousands of contractors, becomes a monumental task. One that is nearly untenable without a purpose built services management platform in place.

Milestone vs Percent Complete

How work gets tracked and billed is a key component of any vendor relationship. Provade supports multiple ways to track, dispute, resolve, invoice and pay for work completed.

Unplanned/Unscheduled Work

The bane of all good plans and schedules-new customer requirements, unexpected design changes, bug fixes and all their related ilk. Without a good workflow to deal with these situations, these unplanned new work can become a quagmire. Provade provides templates, workflows and tools for managing all these situations.

Approvals & submittals

The daily bread & butter of vendor management. Without a services procurement & management platform in place, these two can eat your entire day-every day. Provade makes it easy-with an alert dashboard across all types of alerts as well as a providing a rationalized method for expediting their completion.